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John Salter  
Monday, 11. July 2011 01:08  Write a comment Send E-mail

From the age of about 11 till 16 I used to travel out to John's place in Hobart for weekly piano lessons.

It was invaluable, as John taught me all the basics required to play and arrange music.

That was now over 50 years ago and I am still managing to make occasional outings playing with bands. Probably not as good as you played them John but certainly enjoying every moment of sharing a tune with other musicians and the people who really make music, the audience.

What you have given me and possibly other students, is one of the greatest gifts imaginable. A lifetime of music.

As a young kid I probably never appreciated this as much as you do when you get older so I probably never really thanked you for this. So wherever you are playing at the moment John I hope this thank you get's to you. Thanks mate!

John Salter
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