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Edward Palmer  
Saturday, 19. June 2004 04:14  Write a comment

Yesterdays mail brought the receipt, J.S. Four Hands Vol. 1. This is good fun.... thank you very much. Regards, Ted
Gillian Evans  
Thursday, 10. June 2004 18:53  Write a comment

For many years I have enjoyed listening to well played piano by various artists, but John Sidney would, in my opinion, have to top them all!
Bill Rumford  
Thursday, 10. June 2004 00:12  Write a comment

I've just ordered The Four Hands of John Sidney Vols. 1 and 2. I'm enjoying the melodies so much. At the moment, my favorite of the disks is Easy Listening Piano Vol. 2. Thank you for going to the trouble of preserving John Sidney's works and making them available to us piano lovers around the world. Keep up the good work. Sincerely yours, Bill
Thursday, 29. April 2004 17:30  Write a comment Send E-mail

Oh, it is so nice to hear these old songs played on the piano by this incredibly talented man. Thanks Graeme and Sandra for bringing his music to all music lovers. Keep up the splendid work.
Wednesday, 21. April 2004 16:53  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello I indeed leave you to this small message a friend have to give your URL to me which I have just visited I can say that you have very beautiful music on your site.
Wednesday, 14. April 2004 05:21  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello I am Farzad
I live in Iran and I love music specialy the piano music. I play the piano and I want to become great pianist.
Thank for your site and very beautiful song.....!
Saturday, 3. April 2004 14:33  Write a comment

I have just received my John Sidney CDs. What a talant this man had. I play piano myself but nowhere near as well as John did. This is fabulous piano music to listen to - so relaxing. I played EASY LISTENING PIANO Vol 2 during dinner tonight and all our guests loved listening to it so much. We were so impressed with John's rendition of THE BELLS OF ST MARY'S. It would have to be the best rendition of that song we have ever heard!! Thank you once again for providing this wonderful music, you can't buy music like this in music shops anywhere in the world. Well done. You will hear from me and our guests again.
Friday, 26. March 2004 01:25  Write a comment Send E-mail

I loved your site, the music is wonderful. I'll be returning to enjoy listening to some more. Thank you so much for providing such lovely music on the web.
Wednesday, 24. March 2004 21:25  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks for the chance to sign your guestbook. I just loved the music samples. Great piano playing and very relaxing music to listen to. It's nice to see so many people stop by and post a message. Thank you.
Tuesday, 16. March 2004 21:57  Write a comment Send E-mail

Really glad I surfed onto your site!
I really enjoyed listening to the music samples. Will be making frequent stops.
Thursday, 11. March 2004 12:37  Write a comment Send E-mail

This music is great. What a great pianist John Sidney was. Your web site is very user friendly too. I'll be back. Thank you
Wednesday, 10. March 2004 18:08  Write a comment Send E-mail

This is a beautiful site. I plan to send the link to my friends. They will appreciate the music. Great piano playing.
thank you
Gaelle point de croix  
Monday, 8. March 2004 17:08  Write a comment Send E-mail

I love this site! My friends and I spent tons of time downloading and listening to all those wonderful music samples. I think this site is great! Nice work peoples!!
magie blanche  
Monday, 8. March 2004 12:04  Write a comment Send E-mail

I can hardly wait until my CDs arrive! Your site is beautiful and the music is just what I've been looking for. The CDs are so reasonably priced too.
Russel James  
Thursday, 19. February 2004 08:18  Write a comment

Thank you, I really enjoy very much listening to these samples. I now have some ideas how these music should sound like. I now can get them at the closest warehouse by the mall or I wish I can have a phone so i can order from here. i forgot my email address.

Thank you for your enquiry re John Sidney's wonderful piano music CDs. Unfortunately you won't be able to purchase them at any wharehouse however you can order them on line via our SECURE on line ORDER YOUR CD page. If you have any further queries please email me at: . I'll look forward to your email. Kindest regards.
Wednesday, 11. February 2004 18:07  Write a comment Send E-mail

I really love your website ... and the music is just wonderful.
Keep up the good work!

Monday, 9. February 2004 15:23  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi, I really enjoyed listening to all those beautiful music samples. What a wonderful pianist John Sidney. I sure enjoyed my visit to this site. I'll be back.


Cat Eye Outfitter  
Sunday, 8. February 2004 05:37  Write a comment Send E-mail

I really enjoyed my visit. A great site. I'll be back sometime soon.
The Greenback Hunter  
Saturday, 3. January 2004 16:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

I found your site by accident doing a search.
Sure glad I did.
I'll be sure to come back again.
Hilda Reimer  
Wednesday, 31. December 2003 00:31  Write a comment Send E-mail

What a delightful discovery while searching for a list of 1920 & 1930 songs.
I know the oldies, just not sure 'what year'
they belong to.

Great collection of songs and beautifully played!
a 'perfect pitch' friend
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